A Complete Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management System

Supra™ is a fully integrated Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) solution developed by Physicians and their Staff, for Physicians and their Staff.

Clinical Office Suite

Paperless practice at your fingertips

An EHR should be a tool to help speed the delivery of care with minimal impact on the staff. Supra is unique in that it offers diverse ways to chart patient care and improve the overall patient experience.

Front Office Suite

Efficiency and professionalism is the bottom line

Supra provides your staff with the easy-to-use tools that enable your front office to run seamlessly. After all, the image and financial well-being of your practice begins with your front office.

Back Office Suite

Getting paid is seamless

Supra ensures proper data capture and is fully integrated with clearinghouse services, making the billing and posting processes quick and easy.

All on One Database